What Is Unified Communications Systems?

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In todays world people use many devices to stay in touch or to be get connected to the rest of the world. With so many devices out there, right from the small palm sized one to the ones that takes your desktop space back home, each of these have a different way of communicating with each other. In other words, they dont respond to the same type of human interface, therefore it is all on the humans to keep in mind of different ways to interact with these different devices to get the job done. But then, even if these devices have no way of syncing information with each other or sharing data with each other, the existence of global communication system really becomes questionable. Unified Communications Systems are built to see to it that, no business are affected because of the different types of devices and formats they use to deal and handle calls with each other.

Communicate with one another
One can improve the efficiency of call routing to other devices with the unified communications systems. A Unified communication system is more like a Unified messaging system, but its ads more of a peer to peer capability. The new dynamic call redirection techniques enable the capability for call forwarding and call redirection to another desired number as chosen by default or by the user. This can be carried out if only the devices find a way to communicate with one another through a series of networks.

Just one number
Normally, a person will have to give out a different number to contact them at office, and another different number to contact them directly on their cell phone, and another number for the friends and family to contact them at home after the work hours. What unified communications systems do is that they make this all simpler. With contact centers solutions, all you need to do is pass on just one number to the people who want to be in touch with you.

Divert at its best
Then these unified communications systems will make sure that as specified by you inputs on you working schedule, the calls from that single number will be forwarded to you office line from 9 to 5, the calls would then be diverted to your cell phone the rest of the times, and to your landline at home during the weekends.
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What Is Unified Communications Systems?

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This article was published on 2011/04/21