Use Magic Jack and Save Money

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Magic Jack is considered to be a saving invention. It is a voice over internet protocol that helps to make phone calls easily at a reduced rate. Any calls made in the United States, Peurto Rico and Canada will not be charged. This is applicable for both landline and mobile services. This does not mean that its service is confined only to these two places. In many situations people from other countries can also call people in these countries using this device free of cost.

One can start using magic jack by plugging it into the USB port and the other end of the device has to be connected to the phone. The USB device will automatically install the software that is required to start using magic jack. A major advantage of this device besides its low costs is that it can be used with both Microsoft and Mac operating systems. This is one of the major reasons why people choose to buy this.

This device contains all the basic features that we get in a phone. This includes call waiting, voice mail, call holding and any other standard features. It will help to record the voice of all the incoming calls in the computer. In case you receive a voice mail, it will be notified through an email. Even emergency numbers can be dialed but for this the computer needs to be switched on. Internet speed matters a lot in using this device. Experiences prove that broad band internet connection will best suit this purpose.

I have mentioned earlier that its profitability is its most attractive feature. The only expenditure is while buying the device. The cost is about $39.9. It will include cost of shipping and handling. Besides this you will have to pay an yearly fee of $19.95. These charges will be many times less than the amount you spend on calling using land line or cell phone.

The only difficulty that you may face while using the device is that the existing phone number won't be valid. While buying the device you will be given a new number with which the device will work. Any way reports say that a solution will soon be found for solving this problem. Any ways the magic jack helps in saving your money effectively.

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Use Magic Jack and Save Money

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This article was published on 2010/09/08