Understanding The DUI laws: Washington State

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DUI laws and penalties are complicated and vary from state to state; individuals should understand the risks of driving under the influence.

Impact of DUI Laws in Washington

Washington State has an implied consent law-the act of driving a licensed vehicle means you are giving consent, automatically, to a breath or blood test if stopped by an officer. A person’s license can be revoked or denied for at least a year for refusing to take the test.

If the test reveals a BAC (blood alcohol content) level meeting the legal definition of driving under the influence, licenses are revoked or suspended for anywhere from 90 days to 4 years. The length of time will be determined by level of alcohol as well as a history of prior offenses.

The Ignition Interlock Device for Drivers

The DUI laws in Washington State allow the use of an Ignition Interlock Device for drivers with suspended or revoked drivers licenses. Individuals can submit an application to the Department of Licensing to obtain a permit for an Ignition Interlock Driver License. Once the IID is installed on a car, the driver may only drive that car. Employers can file for exemptions if driving is required for a job, eliminating the need for an IID for a company vehicle

The Ignition Interlock Device monitors the driver’s blood alcohol level and keeps a record of that information in its system. In order to start the car, the driver must take a breath test, blowing into the attached mouthpiece. To ensure that alcohol is not consumed after the car has been started, there are occasional retests. The IID is registered with the state and must be recalibrated periodically as an anti-tampering precaution.

Installing The Ignition Interlock Device

When choosing the company to install an ignition interlock device, be sure to pick an installer with a 24 hour emergency support and mobile services. If problems arise with the IID, you will need the installer to troubleshoot the issue and provide service as needed. Interlock NorthWest understands the DUI laws and penalties and will be sensitive to customers’ need for full compliance at all times. Their customer service people teach drivers on the use of the device and provide information on updates and periodic testing.

The state will be evaluating data stored in the ignition interlock device in determining the restoration of full driving rights; following the directions is crucial to regaining a regular license. You will need an installer who can work with you through this time period and provide equipment support. By choosing the right company you can feel more competent about using the device during what is already a challenging time in your life.

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Understanding The DUI laws: Washington State

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Understanding The DUI laws: Washington State

This article was published on 2011/05/07