Scenar Device "�" Dead Or Alive?

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A lot of you might not have heard about SCENAR. Well this is the miracle Russian device. When SCENAR is elaborated we get self controlled energo neuron adaptive regulation. Basically this is like an entire family of machines and they might just bring about a complete change in the world of medicines in say the next 20 years or so. These machines are very fast and portable too and the best part is that they are cheap and they help you against a lot of conditions like sports injuries or strokes or angina or acute infections. These even help for back pains and bowel disease along with defibrillating hearts too! Now the Russian military has made the origin of this machine a complete secret. But here we tell you about the few SCENAR devices which are still in use.


This device is for all of those practitioners and it helps in providing very effective treatment. This SCENAR device uses various interactive as well as intelligent energy neuron simulations which helps in reducing pain, disability as well as improves the physiological functionality as well. Now this device basically gives you a dose of the electrical simulation impulses to your body through an in built or a remote electrode which comes in direct contact with your skin. This helps in blocking out your pain very fast. Now this device basically goes with the motto that maximum dosage is required in order to effect the change which is appropriate the most. Now this device can also be attached to three parts of your body the first is the face, the second the skull and finally at point.

SCENAR Home Device

This device is extremely easy to use and helps in giving you relief from pain. The RITMSCENAR is a home device which is designed by the company OKB RITM; they are also the makers of the RITMSCENAR professional. This device has been manufactured in the Netherlands and it has also been tested carefully. This helps in getting rid of pain and it also helps in managing a lot of pain related pathologies as well. This can be used in your house or when you are travelling or during business trips and so on, it helps in giving you pain relief and it also reduces the trauma which is related to the pain. Also when emergency situations require medical attendance then this is used.

Healing Blanket

This is also a type of a SCENAR device. This is a stand alone treatment which helps in treating conditions which are chronic. It helps in slowly restoring the energy balance in your body and it also helps in rejuvenating your body. This is actually a home treatment which can use almost every day. You can use this in combination with other SCENAR therapies if you really want wonderful effects. Plus this blanket doesnt weight a lot or isnt too big in its size so you can use this anywhere you want to and you can even take it with you.
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Scenar Device "�" Dead Or Alive?

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This article was published on 2010/10/21