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It seems like everything that you buy is supposed to have some sort of entertainment value built in it. Everything does multiple things and has multiple purposes. You can't have a phone that doesn't couple as a camera or triple as a video camera or have a million applications to play games and read books and a million other things.

The divisions between something just to use and something with too much stuff is blurring more and more, similar to the smart phones and home computers. Doesn't matter which one you prefer, they all want you to use them as your primary entertainment. In the past you needed a handheld game device like a Game Boy, now you can use your phone and download some games to play.

The same goes with music. Where it used to be that you had to carry around the actual format that you listened to, whether it was a cassette tape or a CD, now everything is digital. The manufacturers want you to use the same phone device to listen to your digital music. People want all of their devices to multitask and for one device to do all things. You want to make a phone call or listen to music or play a game or watch a movie, you can do all of those things with one device that fits in your pocket.

Trying to run one of these devices has been a bit difficult due to the small interface area but over the last two years that has improved. As the touch screens become the face of the phone and become the input area it is now more simple to use, even if you have fat fingers.

If you want something a bit larger net books are becoming very popular, they are a small laptop able to slide down into a bag or purse with ease. They have all your internet and media available in a package not so small that it's difficult to access. The ones with touch screen interface are very popular. Very nearly like a laptop but much smaller, although not so small they fit in your pocket. Convenience is their biggest attribute, you can take all your files, movies, and games with you in a very light weight device.

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Many Formats In One Device

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This article was published on 2010/07/16