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A tool used for used for transferring data between iphone and PC is known as iFunbox. You can transfer any kind of data from your iphone to your personal computer via iFunBox.The iFunbox is found in the form of a file manager or as a file browse in any ipod or iphone.Windows explorer proves to be less efficient than iFunbox as a result file management becomes more easier on iphone. You can easily explore files; maintain media players and much more.

In iFunbox there is a transfer support provided which works well in iPhone 3G, iPhone, as well as in iPod touch firmware versions. The following are the features of this tool namely a file manager, USB portable handy disk, a storage capacity with high speed, iphone wallpapers, and excellent features to manage movie and music

HP connection manager windows 7:

Under operating system window 7 MC8775 drive can be made to work via two major ways.

To view it you can enable the card to make windows 7.

You can create device driver folder and make the device manager pointing to it.To make the device manager to point you can create device driver folder.

The first step to be followed in order to achieve the above two ways is that you need to download the drivers like windows7 drivers, SP39374 Driver which helps in HP connection and 3G watcher.

The next step to be followed after downloading the drives is to install connection manager and then WWAN card needs to be enabled. After that the card gets turned on and a thorough search system will find it.Now WWAN card is listed in device manager.You should unzip the file which contains drivers of windows7. Then double clicking the device manager and finding out the device and finally installing the drivers needs to be done. After completion of installation you would find HS2300 driver.

Now you can see a list of various devices listed by device manager. Each device should be right clicked and installed or updated.After installing all the devices, if at all you find the original HS2300 with an error we need to uninstall it.We need to install the drive once again. All in all in order to make device function properly installation should be correct. Now as a final step 3G watcher need to be installed.The system needs to be restarted now. The 3G watcher pops up now and in fact the carrier is displayed.

Params of connection are needs to be set up in your 3G watcher.Use the below format if you use SIM from you iphone.



For a windows xp you can easily 3G watcher from the above download list and then you need to setup information of connection.
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Learn How To Use IFunBox

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