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This Kindle DX review will help you to decide whether this product is the right one for you. It is a wireless, handled device that was released by a subsidiary of the online publishing and retail chain Amazon. In brief, this electronic gadget was developed in order to enable users a better reading experience on a hand held screen. The device has been described as a product of upgrades rather than new ideas, with many of the "new" features contained within the device little more than improvements upon pre-existing ideas that were already featured in the device.

There has also been a great deal of criticism directed towards the Kindle DX on the basis of the rather high price tag, clocking in at circa $500, it is by no means a cheap option. However, what these critics (who seem hell bent on slandering and demeaning a perfectly legitimate product) forget is that when the original model was released, it was sold out within six hours due to extreme levels of demand.

The e-book reader boasts a 9 inch diagonal screen, which is a 50% increase in screen size in comparison to its two former forms which relied upon a six-inch screen much to the abject frustration and irritation of the consumers who were extremely vocal in expressing their distaste! The increase in the size of the screen is so much more significant than merely offering a bigger screen; this increase in size has by extension better enabled the manufacturers of the Kindle DX to also the screen resolution of the device to a rather impressive 1024 x 824 pixel resolution.

The Kindle DX also contains the innovative accelerometer function which allows for pages to be rotated both in a clockwise and anti-clockwise fashion in order to better enable the user to view data and graphics as well as awkward text. Another major criticism that was levelled at the former versions of the Kindle device was the rather short and paltry battery life and Amazon worked very hard on improving this and the end results are impressive. When operated in wireless mode, then the digital reader has a predicted battery life of 4 days and if the device is utilised offline, then this shoots up all the way to 2 weeks and this is a major improvement from the previous state of affairs.

One of the most remarkable features of the e-book reading device is that it manages to combine awesome power, effective viewing, ease of use all encapsulated within one rather neat and sleek package. Less than one third of an inch thick, this portable reader is an extremely lightweight device indeed and can easily fit in a pocket or folder with no trouble at all.

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Not only can this electronic reader allow the user to read and view material, but also download material from accepted sites as well. Please be aware however that there are restrictions on the transfer of data between the DX devices. To learn more about the device, please go to Kindle DX Review. There is also a good comparison here for Kindle DX vs Kindle 2.

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Kindle DX Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/28