Ignition Interlock Device from Washington State and a Good Customer Service Team

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The ignition interlock device is used by drivers, with restricted licenses, who have received DUI convictions in the state of Washington. The device, referred to as the IID, is mandatory for any vehicle to be driven by the convicted individual. Because the IID is regulated by the state’s Department of Licensing, it is important to have proper installation and ongoing maintenance.

It’s always tempting to try and save money, but this is not the time to settle for a less reputable service. The ignition interlock device should be carefully chosen and installed by a reputable company. The IID registers every use and stores data on alcohol consumption and other related information for the use of the Department of Licensing. This information is used in monitoring the individual’s ability to follow the requirements of the DUI conviction and can affect how quickly a license may be restored.

Proper maintenance is crucial to keeping the interlock device working properly and in compliance with state imposed regulations. There are designated times for recalibrations which need to done by an experienced service technician who understands the state law about DUIs and IIDs.


What to Expect from an Ignition Interlock Company


Leasing an ignition interlock device is much more than a simple rental, the device needs to be installed and then maintained. You want to know the company is committed to working with you while you’re driving with a restricted driver’s license. The best choice will be a company who considers the client-business relationship to be very important—they should provide 24 hour customer service and a mobile repair service. You want a company that understands how challenging a DUI conviction can be; a company that will be there assist you as necessary.

The ignition interlock company should be a full service business that regularly performs recalibrations and any possible equipment malfunctions. If the device stops working or is incorrectly calibrated, the information gathered about the driver’s use can be faulty. It could misread alcohol levels which could put the driver in difficulty with the Department of Licensing. You want to work with a company that can answer questions, offer advice and troubleshoot any issues that arise with your interlock device.

As you make the decision about which company to use for your ignition interlock device, make sure to pick an established business with a good reputation. Make sure they are familiar with the regulation controlling restricted licenses and working with the Department of Licensing. And, most importantly, choose the business with a sensitive, responsive customer service  department.

Driving under a DUI-restricted license is meant to keep the driver and others on the road safe.  The ignition interlock device monitors your driving and plays a significant factor in the decision to reinstate your driver’s license.  When you choose a business to install the IID, you are trusting that business to help you follow the guidelines of your DUI conviction—you want the best possible company. Interlock NorthWest has a presence throughout the state of Washington and a good reputation for working with people who have restricted licenses. They understand the importance of a well-maintained device. See the Interlock NorthWest website to set up an appointment for the installation of your ignition interlock device.



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Ignition Interlock Device from Washington State and a Good Customer Service Team

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Ignition Interlock Device from Washington State and a Good Customer Service Team

This article was published on 2012/01/08