How An Ignition Interlock Device Can Get You Back On the Road

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The state of Arizona suspends or revokes the driver’s license of anyone with a DUI conviction. But they offer options that allow individuals to apply for a special license that will allow them to drive for designated periods of time.  

The ignition interlock device is installed in the individual’s car once the required license is obtained. Individuals with DUI convictions may be required to use the simple device, which must be installed in any car he or she plans to drive.  The device is often referred to as a “blow and go”; it is a breathalyzer machine that monitors the presence of alcohol when the car is about to be driven. The driver must blow into the mouthpiece and have his blood alcohol content level (BAC) checked. If the blow is successful, showing the absence of alcohol, the ignition can be turned on allowing the driver to safely drive his or her motor vehicle.

The ignition interlock device, or IID, allows individuals to safely drive to work, earning their wages and gives them a degree of independence while driving with a restricted license. The Department of Motor Vehicles (MDV) must be notified of the installation and will monitor the device during the period the IID is being used.

The ignition interlock device works by storing the history of each blow and the recorded blood alcohol levels in a small computer chip. There are mandatory times when the unit must be recalibrated, under the regulations of the Arizona MVD. It is crucial to use a professional for the recalibrations to ensure that the work is done properly and meets regulations for maintaining the IID. By choosing a well-known, reputable and certified company for the ignition interlock device installation and servicing, you insure maintenance work is done properly. This helps keep you in compliance with the driving restrictions mandated by your DUI conviction.

When choosing the best company for purchasing an ignition interlock device look for a compay with full 24 hour, mobile customer service options. Make sure the company is familiar with the Arizona MVD regulations and the importance of full compliance. The installers must know how to install and maintain the IID properly. Arizona Mobile Access Technologies, AMAT, has well-trained installers, dedicated to helping you get safely to work.  They understand the issues related to a DUI conviction and are reliable, specializing in installation and complete customer service. To learn more about how to get your ignition interlock device professionally installed check out their website.

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How An Ignition Interlock Device Can Get You Back On the Road

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How An Ignition Interlock Device Can Get You Back On the Road

This article was published on 2012/04/03