Energy Saving Devices - Are They For Real or Just a Scam?

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There are lots of Energy saving devices available in the market that claim to save Energy but many of them do not actually deliver on what they promise.I was looking for an Energy Saving device that would help me cut down the Electricity costs by more than 40% but knew not where to go.Like many of us, I did a research on Google for Energy Saving devices.

To my surprise there were many such devices available online that had made a claim to Save Energy.But the credibility of these so called Power Saving devices was still a big question mark.And I was not sure on how to differentiate between the Real ones from the not so Real ones.

As  scam artists are roaming the internet, trying to convince people  that they can save big money on energy bills.I started my probe with Safety Certifications which is the most important aspect of any Electrical component.Once again, Google came to my rescue in finding out the Safety Certification numbers given to Energy Saving devices which is the UL Certification number.

When I searched Google for various Energy Saving devices along with the keyword - UL certification number,many devices did not have a UL Safety Certification number,only a handful did.Do not be fooled by companies advertising "Made with UL-Rated components" - that's just marketing to hide the fact that their complete device is NOT UL approved.  

Insist on seeing the UL certificate / number if you're considering buying elsewhere. You can check the validity at because some sellers are known to lie about this.The next important factor that I researched on, was to find out the location of these Power saving devices manufacturer's.

Fortunately many of the Power Saving devices which had the UL Safety certification also had a tangible manufacturing plant located some where in the world.And finally I had to make my choice from the shortlist of three Power Saving Devices.(1) Power Mizer 1200 (2) ZapBox (3) Kvar.

I selected Zapbox because of its higher emphasis on Safety and better Safety ratings. Zapbox also has a Lifetime warranty and a 12 month Guarantee.They also offer Free Shipping to any location in USA.So, before you start spending your hard earned money on buying devices that claim to save Energy always do a proper,exhaustive research to find out the best ones that meet your ultimate goal,to reduce energy costs.

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Energy Saving Devices - Are They For Real or Just a Scam?

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This article was published on 2011/09/16