Can Home Laser Hair Removal Be Trusted?

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Don't be surprised when you are told that laser hair removal treatment can be done at home on a DIY basis. This specific treatment has already been approved by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can now purchase unique devices available in the market for the purpose of home based hair removal. This sounds simple and ideal, right?

In fact, we are not doctors and we don't really know much about laser energy. Is it really secured for us to do it on our own without the consultation from the doctors? How effective the home based devices are in removing the unwanted hair permanently. Undoubtedly, this DIY method is very much economical than the treatment done in the clinics. Let's see how it can be done and what risks are involved.

Knowing how laser energy works is important as you are the one who use the customized devices to remove your unwanted hair. Totally different from plucking and shaving, you need to be extra careful in handling the devices as they involve laser light. Before you commence the treatment on your own, the very first step you need to do is to refer to the guidebooks and read all the details carefully. If you have any uncertainty, you should refer to the shop where you have bought the devices or contact the manufacturer or you can even consult related doctor to ask for advice and guidance before using these devices.

After getting all the necessary information and guidance from the reliable sources, you may get yourself started using the devices by switching them to a lower energy setting. Let your skin have certain feel on it and then slowly you increase the energy setting to a higher volume. You may experience some minor discomfort temporarily. If you feel something more than brief discomfort, switch the devices off and give your skin a break. Bear in mind that you must work on the suggested duration and do not exceed the time limit as it may endanger your skin.

In certain cases where you may have very sensitive skin, unusual skin or abnormal hair condition, you are advised to consult the doctors first before using the devices. This is because not all types of skin are suitable and work well with home based devices. The end results might not be as expected and there may be some side effects which make your skin condition worsen.

Skin is a very important organ to us. Make sure all the precautions are done.

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Can Home Laser Hair Removal Be Trusted?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02